Ernest Brown, better known as Grampy Brown, or just Grampy to most of us, came to Canada as an orphan in August of 1910 as part of Dr. Barnardo's Homes. He would grow up working on farms in Ontario as a child before meeting his wife (Nanny Brown) and moving to the Maritimes, where he had a profound impact on the lives of his family.

This website is a place to find out more information about the reunion taking place in August, 2010, in honour of the 100th anniversary of his arrival in Canada. Also, it will be a place to read some stories and see some photos, and help pass on our love of Grampy Brown to the next generation.

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It was great to see everyone in August at the reunion. He’s a copy of the family photo we took. You should be able to click to bring up a larger version and download to do with as you wish !

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Hi Guys!  The time is quickly approaching. I want to thank you all for your contributions to finalizing our schedule for the week. It looks like a good variety and lots of opportunity to enjoy each others company. Überfall auf polen, dänemark,tchechoslowakei, jugoslawien, griechenland,frankreich, belgien, niederlande, norwegen,und schließlich der sowjetunion. As I’ve remembered stories for the website, sent pictures for Justin to upload, re-arranged the schedule again and again (groan), and consequently spent so much time thinking about Grampy and Nanny, it’s given me an uncanny feeling of being with them and enjoying them again. As time and memory conspire to make those memorable days shine ever brighter, I am increasingly thankful for their lives and what they contributed to my own and yours. I am so glad we are doing this and look forward to the comings and goings of our gathered families as we remember and celebrate their lives together. Note the emphasis on what you’ll contribute, which is directly or indirectly referenced in various questions

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Doug sent in this link about UK’s former PM Gordon Brown apologizing to the victims of the Child Migrants Programme. There’s a video in the article of the apology .
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We’re looking for feedback on the schedule of events  to ensure we’re all on the same page.  We think we have a good cross-section of activities but we’re certainly open to more suggestions . I submitted it in early july and had a nice buy a essay celebration eating oysters and clam chowder

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Hello family, friends and others who stumbled here by accident! This site is up to provide information for the 100th Anniversary Reunion of Ernest “Grampy” Brown’s arrival in Canada on August 5th, 2010. Also, we hope to leave the site up as a record with pictures and stories about Grampy. All the events for the reunion week should show up on the calendar in the sidebar, and information about what’s going on will be posted on the front page. If you have anything to contribute, send it in !

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