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July 3rd, 2010 by pat | in

Submitted by Pat:

I was surprised to realize that Nanny’s Plum Pudding is the only recipe of hers I have in  my personal collection.  I remember as a child hanging around the kitchen watching Nanny as she performed her magic but I had absolutely no interest in doing it myself.  She would offer to teach me but I scorned that role preferring one as  taster instead.  And I excelled in that role.  I remember running to her house after school for those hot-from-the-oven t-biscuits – my goodness they were delicious and my mouth is watering as I type.  I can see them now: towering, golden, crispy, with a dob of butter melting into that steamy hot, perfectly raised, goodness.  I know we all experienced that same bit of heaven, but in my memory it is always a solitary experience.  I don’t remember a passel of us clustered around the pan fighting for the first and the last t-biscuit.  I do remember Nanny’s flour barrel that held a 100 pound bag, a flour sifter (crumb those things are hard to work!), a fabulous double-width kitchen stove with a huge warming oven (oh, for such a beast today), and Nanny’s flour dusted full-front aprons.  Does anyone else remember her bread and rolls rising on the water heaters?  How I wish I had taken advantage of that generously offered opportunity to learn from her.  But, once I had a family of my own it became a different story and now I have my own large recipe collection: binders, recipe cards, photo copies, print-outs off the internet, magazine cut-outs:  Nanny would be proud, I think!

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