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July 6th, 2010 by pat | in

Remembered by Joyce, written by Pat:

On the morning of January 3rd, 1991, Grampy’s 90th birthday, he woke up to the news that Joyce was throwing a big party for him that day.  Grampy was so happy he started to cry….and then worry, that “Who would come?”, “No-one would show up for his party, would they?”.  It was a huge success.  All afternoon, people came and went: neighbours from Rockingham, fellow masons from the Masonic Lodge, the Pastor and friends from Birch Cove Baptist, old friends from Blackwood Hodge, and new friends from the surrounding area in Spryfield.  And of course his family – Grampy was really pleased and happy that he would be remembered by so many of us on such an important milestone in his life.

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