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September 29th, 2017 by Justin | in

My earliest memories of Grampy Brown are of a pipe-smoking, cardigan-wearing grandfather who I learned to love because my mother did so much. I remember playing with an old tractor dinky in the sun room while she spent precious time with him. I remember the gruff exterior he carried, but the way you knew he cared about his family and was always glad to see you. Cookies in the kitchen, and fall leaves around the red house.

Mom was always very intentional about making sure we knew that Grampy and Nanny were important and special people in her life, and so in ours. As I grew older, her fascination continued to wear off on me, and I was always interested to hear about where he came from and his life here. His story of being abandoned in England, coming to Canada as an orphan, not only surviving a hard life but thriving, and founding this large family is one I find both hard to hear at times, and also vastly inspirational. The adversity & hardship he overcame makes me realize my own troubles aren’t so bad, and inspires me to try and acheive greater things in my own life.

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