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July 5th, 2010 by pat | in

Remembered by Joyce, written by Pat:

We would never have thought of  Grampy as a “dog” person but he did like Kodiak.  Kodiak, a pure-bred husky,  belonged to Joyce and Albert, but one wonders if he knew that.  He would arrive next door at Grampy’s back veranda  and wait for him.  Grampy would say “What do you want?” and Kodiak would jiggle his whole body, wag his tale and woof quietly.  Grampy would then go in for a cookie, while Kodiak waited.  When he returned, Grampy would say “you sit” and he would, which always got him his cookie.  The funny thing is, Kodiak wouldn’t do tricks for anyone else but Grampy.  They just loved each other and Grampy cried when Kodiak died.

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