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July 5th, 2010 by pat | in

Remembered by Joyce, written by Pat:

Grampy’s most-loved pass-time was going for a drive in his car.  Who doesn’t remember them heading out for one of those famous drives, Grampy with his big, strong-smelling, cigar, and Nanny just peeking over the dashboard.  Joyce remembers it was the same when she and Evelyn were small.  For them the high-light would be if they could get Grampy to stop for an ice-cream.  He didn’t always co-operate so what are two young girls’ to do?  They rode in the back, of course, and Evelyn leaned over to Joyce and said “If Dad says no when we ask him to stop for ice-cream, you start to cry!”  Joyce eagerly agreed, and she says it worked every time!  Mom, that cat is definitely out of the bag!

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