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Sent in by Albert

I remember Grampy was going to a Standard Paving party at the Jubilee Boat Club.  Nannie wasn’t feeling well so she couldn’t go.  Grampy asked me to go with him and I said yes.  I didn’t drink or dance, just listen to the music.  Grampy didn’t dance but he had quite a few drinks.  By the time we got ready to go home, he shouldn’t be driving, so one of his friends talked to him and told him he shouldn’t drive home and asked him for his keys.  Grampy gave him his keys and his friend passed the keys to me and said “here, you take him home.”  We went to the car, I opened the driver’s side door, and got behind the wheel but Grampy came on the drivers’ side too and he opened the door and pushed me over to the other side, as the seats were bench seats at that time.  Of course, Grampy was 6′ tall, 220 lbs and I was 5’4″  and 140 lbs.   So, we were on our way home and with a few prayers we got home alright.  I must say that was the first time I ever saw Grampy that way and never saw him like that again.  Grampy wasn’t a big drinker.  He liked a bottle of beer a day and a drink of brandy.

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