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July 5th, 2010 by pat | in

The last car Grampy owned was a beige-gold Plymouth Fury.  It was huge and comfortable and Grampy loved that car.  Regretfully, the time came when he had to stop driving as his eye sight worsened.  Nanny, by this time, was quite unable to care for herself or communicate very much.  But there sat the Plymouth and the road was still calling.  Joyce would step over from next door and Grampy would say “Your mother wants to go for a drive.”  Joyce would look out the window at the car she dreaded driving, at Nanny who sat silently in her chair, and out the door they would go.  Beside the car, they would lift Nanny into the front passenger’s seat, Joyce would get behind the wheel, and Grampy (unimaginably) would slide into the back.  The cumbersome Plymouth would sail out the driveway, down to the Arm and the Dingle, around the Purcell’s Cove Loop, and back home.  Nanny, seeing even less over the dash-board in those days, had had her drive!

An der vervollkommnung des systems zur erhöhung der messgenauigkeit wird ständig gearbeitet

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